Walk by yourself in the rainforest? Prepare everything to do it properly.

Terranova | July 30, 2018

A walk by yourself in the rainforest might be an experience that will change your life… Or maybe not. But indeed, it will be a memory hard to forget.






But, to do it correctly, you have to know specific tips that can make you enjoy the experience thoroughly.
  1. Let someone know where you are:

We have to realize that a walk in the rainforest is not like a walk in the park. Even in the most tamed rainforests, there are dangers that you have to watch after, and uncomfortable situations to avoid.

So, the first step is to let someone in the hotel reception know that you are going on a walk, on the X trail, and that you expect to be back at the hotel by X time.  Even if you are going out of your hotel, driving your car. Let them know where you are going.





  • Look for a map or better, a self-guided trail booklet

In almost all hotels and facilities with a rainforest trail, you will find a little pamphlet or at least a map of the trails in the property. Take it with you and follow it at all times.





Rainforest Hiking gear is important!Rainforest Hiking gear is essential!

  1. Use the proper clothing and gear.

Clothes must be fresh, breathable and comfortable. Forget about jeans; they are probably the worst fabric for a day in nature. Think about flexible and fast drying materials.

Hiking boots are a must, up to the ankle and if possible waterproof. If you don’t have any, at least tennis shoes. Forget about sandals, even the ones with straps on them. (A tiny viper can find your toes interesting, to say the least).

Rain gear. A light poncho (That you can carry in your backpack) and a dry bag to put all your electronic devices in case of a sudden downpour.

And of course repellent. Before getting dressed, on the clothes, and take some in cream in case it fades away.





In the rainforest, make sure you have enough battery in your phone
In the rainforest, make sure you have enough battery in your phone
  1. Charge your phone battery and carry your hotel phone number with you

You will find that in Costa Rica, once on the trails, there is no signal. Very few have some. And even fewer have a good phone signal.

However, if you get lost, you will want to climb to the higher places where the signal may be found.  Maybe you won’t find any. But perhaps you will.





You don't want to forget your binoculars in your room!
You don’t want to forget your binoculars in your room!
  1. Take whatever extras may make you enjoy the forest

Binoculars, memory cards, GoPro or regular camera. Bird guide.  Once in the forest, you don’t want to go back to your room.






  1. Take your time to do this

If you want to enjoy the rainforest walk thoroughly, you don’t want to have your tic tac hound after you.  Try to have a morning or afternoon at your leisure in your vacation itinerary and think about making it as long as possible without exhaustion.






  1. Nevermind the weight in your backpack. Take water. And candy.

Either a big bottle or two small ones. Take as much water as you can carry. The fact is that a rainforest, by definition, is humid and hot, and you will need hydration.

And take candy, in case your sugar level comes down.






  1. Go to the bathroom

There is nothing worse than going in the rainforest, walking for a half hour into the jungle and feel the urge to go.

Mosquitoes will have a blast if you try to do it in there!

So, please, go before.






8. Forget about putting your favorite music on your headphones.

You don’t want to be deaf to the sounds around you. You just don’t know what may happen if you don’t hear it. From a thunderstorm to a monkey taking its relief as close as possible to your head. You want to have your senses to their full.

Now, let’s go in the trail.






OK, so! Here you are at the entrance of the trail. All by yourself.

Whoever has traveled alone knows that there is a thrill that you feel in solitude. An adventure sensation, a vibe where our heart beats a little faster.

Remember this is an experience. And experiences are lived with the five senses. Use them. Fully.

Let your phone rest in your backpack. Try to fight the temptation of taking pictures to post in the social network. This is your experience. A gift to yourself.  Live it fully.

And use three essential verbs: Slow, alert and silent.

Be slow

You are on vacation; there is no business meeting after this. You don’t have to be anywhere. Be slow; patience is underrated. Let life take you on this journey. Be expectant, but patient.






Let the rainforest experience happen in you. Don’t try to control it.

Just pay attention.

Be alert to your senses.

The sounds in the forest are understandable music that extends itself when you put attention to it.

From the repetitive drop coming from a high treetop to the faint chirps of the invisible birds, the more attentive you are, the more you will enjoy the concert.

Smell the aromas, the alive, the decaying, the faint essence of a passing animal. The fragrance of a night flower still calling the bats.

Taste the fresh air, open your mouth and let it invade your lungs.

When you touch, whatever you touch, pay attention first. Tree bark can have an invisible spider right where are about to put your hand. Look first. But don’t let that hold you from feeling with your fingertips the myriad textures of this living system.






And open your eyes, fully. Be attentive to sudden moves in the upper branches… Usually, that means monkeys are playing around.  When you are paying heed, the forest will give you iridescent butterflies right in front of you, tiny unusual bugs playing on top of the lower bushes, the intense fluttering of hummingbird wings, and the infinite amount of green shades.

Observe the details, even if your camera is your phone, use a macro lens in your eyes. See the tiny shapes, the incredible beauty of the minuscule turning of a leaf towards the sun.

Don’t let your mind wander in other places and people. Focus on the fantastic beauty that lies before you and drink it all in slow motion sips.

Enjoy the rainforest beauty in you.  Let it thrive and stay in your life forever.

This walk, again, may change your life.

Call our travel consultants to design a vacation filled with significant moments like these and let Costa Rica be a turning point in your life experience.

Olga Sáenz